About Minerva - The Italian Education Hub in India


Minerva – The Italian Education Hub in India, is an initiative promoted and managed by the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the Patronage of the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi. Its aim is to bring top Italian universities and vocational training institutes to India, to meet with the increasing demand for skills development in the country.

Following the recent India Italy Tech Summit in Delhi, held on 30th October 2018, the Prime Minister of India, H. E. Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Italy, H. E. Giuseppe Conte have mentioned the project in their joint statements:

11. Both sides took note of the establishment by the Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce, under the aegis of the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi, of an educational and vocational training hub in Mumbai called Minerva. Minerva will provide international standard education and vocational training for Indian students for placement in higher education and vocational training courses in Italy and India and support Indian students to get internships and placements in Indian and Italian companies.



Minerva - The Italian Hub for Education & Training will be the platform of reference in India for the best Italian universities and educational institutes to:

  • effectively promote their training offer in India and in Asia

  • enroll Indian students to take part in their courses

  • support the placement of students in Indo-Italian companies


  • to establish a community of people educated and trained by the best Italian schools to become professionals employable by Indo-Italian companies in India and promoters of Italian style, culture, and products

  • to support Italian educational institutions in promoting, delivering and managing their offer in higher education and vocational training in India to students and trainees

The overall objective of Minerva is to become an open platform:

1) To enable Italian Universities and schools in vocational training to open a gate in the Indian education market

2) To support Indian student to access the best Italian schools and courses directly in India

3) To create job opportunities for students trained by the schools using Minerva as platform

4) To enable Italian SMEs to present their know-how, innovative technologies and best practices in different sectors through seminars, workshop and other events to meet potential Indian partners.

The role of the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce is crucial to facilitate the establishment of a trained and skilled Indo Italian business community of professionals.