Humanitas University is an International Medical School based in Milan, built alongside the renowned Humanitas Research Center and Teaching Hospital. Its mission is to train globally minded healthcare professionals through state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods and close integration with its clinical and research community.

The pillars of Humanitas University’s project are:
- A 14-year-strong legacy
- A close interconnection with Humanitas first rate hospital facilities and cutting edge research
- An international vocation
- State-of-the-art interactive teaching methods
The taught courses integrate the prestigious Italian academic tradition with carefully structured innovative teaching methods and professional activities, investing in clinical and scientific research and technologies to offer the best education possible.
Today, Humanitas University hosts around 1200 students, of which 150/year in the Medical school, 100/year in the Nursing School and 31/year in the Physiotherapy School.
A close integration between healthcare, research and training to offer our patients the world’s best affordable care: this is the mission at Humanitas. Humanitas University is built by the hospital, inside the hospital. All the tutors are specifically trained and work as medical doctors or nurses in the hospital. All campus facilities are located within the hospital area.

Studying at Humanitas University, you will get in touch with the operations of a leading hospital and you will be able to interact with medical doctors, researchers and healthcare professionals involved in ambitious research projects.
Humanitas Research Hospital has been cited by the Harvard Business Review and has been studied three times as a Harvard Business School case of management. It was accredited by Joint Commission International for its clinical quality and it is organized along disease-centres.
Humanitas Research Centre is the third in Italy, the 27th in Western Europe and in the Top 6% in the world for the impact of its publications according to SCImago SIR Report 2013.
Researchers from 15 foreign countries work in the centre.

Humanitas University educational offer includes:
- Undergraduate courses in Medicine, Nursing, and Physiotherapy
- Postgraduate courses imparted by Medicine Speciality Schools, Phd MEM, Professional Master Advanced EUS, Advanced Training Course in Epidemiology.

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